Lead from the Front

Everyone is being affected by the current world around us, however this is not a time to speculate through expectation and entitlement.
The key here is not to be reactive to other people’s fearful speculative projections. Everyone talks about good leadership, we need to include self leadership in that equation as well.

Let me use this analogy of 2 cattle trucks….observe people and their chosen fate by the choices they make. Most with a herd mentality will tend to climb in the back of the truck but also note very few will actually get in the drivers seat.

Know one of two things will happen….for those who choose to climb into the back of the cattle truck ….’Sh*t’ will happen…..for those whose choice is to be in the drivers seat ‘Shift’ will happen…..we are making these types of choices everyday.

Life was not created to be fair it was created for you to grow and expand yourself. You’ve go to believe in yourself and back you all the way no matter what obstacles and challenges you have to work with.

When it comes to uncertainty the key is to remain resilient and responsive rather than reactive and helpless, as it only continues to disempower people more by feeding their anxiety and depression through the fear frenzied public, media and social media.

This needs a collective and collaborative process of innovation and creative thought instead of the constant fear mongering drama and rigid thinking.

I keep hearing so many references of “when things get back to normal or what was” ……. the truth is nothing will be what it was.

We are living in unknown territory in many different ways, we can only take it a day at a time, a week at a time the most. Get to far out in the future and it will do your head in.
If you’re constantly looking in your revision mirror at what was it will eventually bring you to a dead-end. Don’t lose the vision and trajectory of what and where you are really being redirected towards,  be open to what is needing to change, it may actually surprise you for the better.

So let’s focus on what we can do rather than what we cant do and what we have rather than what we dont have.Resilience is paramount when it comes to dealing with adversity.

Change is upon us whether we like it or not and we can take the path of least resistance or give up and quit because its all too hard. That is never an option!

We all have to do our bit. Understand the relationship between responsibility and power, one cannot truly exist without the other.We must never lose sight of the fact that the spirit that lives in us all is more powerful than any circumstance, condition or situation.

Kaylene Wynn 😊