Transpersonal counselling

Can be distinguished from many other forms of counselling by working and utilising the whole self, not just parts of self, this is inclusive of the physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual components of life.

Transpersonal Counselling is a holistic approach which values the entire person. Talking, thinking, meaning and purpose, feeling and expressing emotions and creating strategies can all be a part of the process. The work can move beyond the personal lessons to the spiritual lessons through to the unconscious and conscious aspects of self.

transcendent enlightenment and being able to connect with this higher intelligence and wisdom. The focus is associated with developing our fullest potential as human beings.

Crisis, illness and personal life challenges are placed within this larger context of growth.

Our life challenges are an integral part of the process of becoming, not just symptoms we need to remove in order to return to our lives as they were before. They represent the learnings and lessons we are here to work on. Once we move through a particular process of our healing journey we can become more awakened, alive and whole more than we were before our challenges in life began.

The Transpersonal approach is highly compatible to people for whom spirituality is an important and valued aspect of their lives, including those who don’t necessarily identify as being “spiritual” but have a strong relationship with personal and moral growth and want to connect with life’s own meaning and purpose.

Transpersonal Counselling is a good fit for those individuals who may be undergoing personal challenges regarding meaning or purpose and want to integrate their whole self. When understanding how to use your personal power naturally creates a freedom of self within.


  • Greater self-acceptance

  • Increased vitality and self-knowledge

  • Release of negative and self-defeating life patterns

  • Development of deeper, richer relationships

  • Solution focused coping strategies

  • Can heal deep inner conflict issues

  • More confident and able to make better life decisions and choices

  • The discovery and creation of meaning and purpose in your life

  • Understanding how to effectively use your Personal Power

  • Creates understanding and connection to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self

  • Navigation and integration of ego self and the soul self

  • Healing trauma of past

  • A greater sense of peace and calmness

  • More happiness

“There are no limitations to creating the life you want.”

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We’re all a complex combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. What affects the Mind can affect your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual wellbeing and vice versa.

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There is nothing to be gained by hanging on to that which no longer serves you. It doesn’t mean that your changes need to be big, just deep. As the work unfolds you will soon wonder how you ever got as far in life as you did.

“Follow your heart without fear.”