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20 years of experience

Kaylene has worked as a transpersonal counsellor and psychotherapist for the last 20 years and advocates being a positive person of influence. Her clients span across the globe, and is often a regular guest on Australian radio Triple M and the Macquarie Network.

Kaylene is a highly skilled and experienced practitioner in thought field therapy with diplomas in psychotherapy, counselling, advanced level counselling, soul psychology. Having worked with the De Bono Institute in ‘Lateral Thinking’ and advanced practical thinking Kaylene certainly teaches many varied dimensions of thinking on a personal and professional level.

Executive coach

Kaylene’s experience also extends into the corporate sector where she brings her experience as a qualified facilitator in assessment and workplace training and business and people development.

Kaylene’s experience is diverse and extensive and loves challenging old rigid concepts and generating a more ‘outside the box’ perspective. Kaylene develops and delivers training programs to corporate organisations and individuals that revolve around mindfulness, mindset and personal performance, leadership, communication and resilience.

“I’m passionate about awakening and assisting willing individuals to grow and develop beyond what they believe is possible!”

The business of life

Real magic

To transform something, it must happen at its core, this is where your truth, strength and personal power resides. This is where your real magic lives!

What part of you do you bring to every aspect of your life? Work? Relationships? Family? Health? Financially? Your best Self? Your work and personal are never separate, everything is connected.

When you join the dots of life, what does that picture look like?

Are you Ready to Open that Door?

Transform the way you understand yourself, how you relate to yourself and others!

Your best life

There is nothing to be gained by hanging on to that which no longer serves you.

Open to what life really has to offer and miraculous doors open, but to open the new doors you have to let go of the door handle first. You have to release and let go of what you have outgrown.

Allow courage and inspiration  be your door opener and step into the new; feel the exhilaration, the wonder of the unknown that’s hiding deep within waiting to be uncovered and discovered and explored. This is your upgrade to something amazing!

Your Life, Your Best Life!”

Rise and shine

Kaylene is also the author of ‘Rise and Shine’ – Awaken Your Greatest Self. A personal journey of her own life challenges, such as growing up in domestic violence, living and working within abusive relationships and confronting cancer all before the age of 30. Kaylene shares her journey, the learning and lessons and how she overcame those challenges by going within and discovering her real true powerful self.

Kaylene Wynn

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