Executive Coaching

What and how you think decides who you are, unfortunately for many its small. Every single thought creates your life reality.

You’re a complex mix of beliefs, habits, feelings, experiences and agendas which are hidden and need to be defined, understood and challenged.

So, what does your best actually look like? Whether it be Work, Relationship, Financially?

When you begin the Executive program you will come to know yourself authentically starting with a Personal Profile that reflects your values and Personal Vision that reflects your deepest intentions.

When you know what’s happening at your core, what you have to bring becomes limitless.

An authentic leader has vision and is able to see at the heart at the deepest level possible and when it comes to Personal Development and Mind Power Kaylene truly inspires you from that place within.

Take your life to the next level and let me help you discover what you are really made of!

An Executive Development Program tailored specifically to your individual needs.

We can meet in person, on the phone or via video-conference.

Understand your thinking style0%
Develop greater confidence in your ability0%
Understand your authentic values and purpose0%
Define and action your authentic life path0%
Develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence0%
Assess and understand Individual strengths and weakness0%
Become more self-reliant and resilient0%
Contribute more effectively personally and professionally0%
Take greater responsibility and accountability0%
Work more easily and productively with others0%
Communicate more effectively0%

“The magic you’re looking for is the work you’re avoiding!”

Results I’ve helped create


We’re all a complex combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. What affects the Mind can affect your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual wellbeing and vice versa.

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There is nothing to be gained by hanging on to that which no longer serves you. It doesn’t mean that your changes need to be big, just deep. As the work unfolds you will soon wonder how you ever got as far in life as you did.

“Focus on the magic not the madness.”