The business of life

Take your life to the next level and let me help you discover what you are really made of.

Hi, I’m Kaylene Wynn,

To transform something, it must happen at its core: this is where your truth, strength and personal power resides. This is where your real magic lives!

Every person I work with is an individual project of potential and possibility. I seek to understand each and every person from a core level. By drawing on my professional and life experiences, I take the time to really understand and know you holistically, rather than relying on conventional assessment methods which in my opinion tend to label, limit and distort one’s true talents and abilities.

I bring over 20 years’ experience in developing and leading successful teams as well as mentoring individuals. I keep it real and relevant by providing tools and strategies that you can understand and implement to achieve positive results.

I am passionate about helping you uncover and discover how to grow and develop beyond what you ever believed possible!


As your mental coach I can help you with:

Stress management

Personal life challenges

Health and wellbeing

Managing personal/Work performance

Personal coaching and mentoring

Inspiring leadership

Building healthy relationships

‘I turn your chaos into clarity through using intuitive principles bringing truth and anthenticity to everything you do.”

Results I’ve helped create


We’re all a complex combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. What affects the Mind can affect your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual wellbeing and vice versa.

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