The human spirit (spirituality) at its core is about surrendering the baggage held inside, once released, what is left is spirit in its absolute purest form. There is a need to keep expanding in terms of awareness, openness and willingness within our core self. Our core essence ‘Soul’ is who we are behind the mask of who we think we are.

Your soul has an intelligence that surpasses any intellect. It is all knowing and has an in-built system to create the life you were destined to live, the knowing is how to access it, that can only happen from within.

Your soul understands your real higher purpose and what you are here to achieve as well as the lessons you are here to learn.

When you connect and bring your soul qualities into everything you do, you understand and value life through the bigger picture and not through the small, limiting filter of the human form.

“You don’t gather knowledge while you’re getting to know yourself: you lose it.”