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“It’s all about the bigger picture.”


Having worked as a transpersonal psychotherapist and executive mind coach for over 20 years, Kaylene is a highly skilled and experienced practitioner with diplomas in psychotherapy, counselling, soul psychology. Kaylene has worked with the De Bono Institute in ‘Lateral Thinking’ and advanced practical thinking bringing various dimensions of thinking to individuals on a personal or professional level.


Kaylene’s holistic experience also expands into the corporate sector where she brings her experience as a qualified facilitator in assessment and Workplace Training and Diplomas in Business and Human Development. Kaylene develops and delivers her own training programs to corporate organisations and individuals as well as her exclusive 2-day intensive program MasterLife. Kaylene’s topics include but not limited to Mindfulness, Mindset, Personal Power and Performance, Leadership, Communication and Resilience.

Kaylene is diverse and loves to challenge the outdated and rigid concepts of thinking, bringing a more ‘get rid of the box’ thinking perspective.


A well-respected thought leader, Kaylene’s engaging style challenges and breaks down the traditional barriers of thinking bringing an insight that empowers and connects individuals with a more meaningful and purposeful authentic self. Kaylene believes people have a concept of who they think they are, never really knowing and understanding who they authentically are.


Passionate about awakening the Mind into Action encouraging individuals to grow and develop beyond what they believe is possible by unlearning and retraining those rigid thinking paradigms and belief systems and embracing a more mindful, flexible and open free-thinking mindset.

With an international client list that spans across the globe, Kaylene is a regular guest presenter on Australian radio Triple MMM network and 3AW 2GB 4BC Macquarie Network.


Kaylene is also the author of ‘Rise and Shine’ – Awaken Your Greatest Self. A personal journey of her own life challenges of growing up in a domestically violent home, living and working within abusive relationships and surviving cancer all before the age of 30. Kaylene shares her journey, the learning and lessons and how she overcame those challenges by healing from within and discovering a personal power of self.


In a world that sets out to test us all Kaylene advocates being a Positive Person of Influence wherever you can and not be defined, but transformed by life’s challenges.


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It was a great honour to officially open and speak at the Cancer Fundraiser “Relay for Life” at Manningham today.


Paula Piccinini – Mayor of Manningham

Todd Harper – CEO of Cancer Council Vic

Ben Crowe
At the Turosi Giving Gala Ball hosted by (left) Pina DiDonato Board Chair Turosi Giving and Marketing Manager at Turosi and (right) Tricia McLean Director at Riverlee.
Kaylene Wynn
Luke Bona - Triple M
Kaylene Wynn
John Deeks - 3AW
Kaylene Wynn

“I’m passionate about awakening and assisting willing individuals to grow and develop beyond what they believe is possible!”

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