Kaylene Wynn 2020 vision

Do you have a 2020 vision?

As this year and decade comes to an end its a time for self-reflection and assessment without judgement where life has brought you in this now moment.

Are you where you thought you would be? Are you in a happy/unhappy place?

What has changed for you?


You may have found within lifes turbulent trials, blessings and tribulations, there has been alot of challenges, shedding, learning, transforming and letting go of what no longer serves you.


Its important to recognise what you continue to resist, knowing well it will only continue to persist……until you change something. 😎



Get ready with 2020 as it brings a whole new higher energy and resonation. Connection is its name and aim.
Connecting you to a higher truth bringing clarity and authenticity to everything you do. Driving your purpose with a step up or step into more consequential chaos.


So what will be your vision for 2020 as we get ready to embark on not just a new year but a brand new decade.


No fear focus here just a clear focus.


Love and faith is the spirit of possibility energy that lifts you and carries you forward regardless of how things turn out.
So whatever you choose for you to decide it from your higher truth and live and love your life forward with the integrity that you truly deserve. 💖